Saturday , September 18 2021
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Do Private Blog Networks Still Work in 2021? (spoiler – yes, but can bite you in the ass)

If you use SEO to promote your website, you most probably have heard of PBNs (Private Blog Networks). The concept isn’t very difficult to understand (although it is difficult to execute), but with the overload of information out there, you might be conflicted.

Do PBNs still work in 2021? Are there any risks? Well, the short answers are yes and yes. So should you build one? That’s up to you. However, this article has to purpose to help you make an educated decision. This won’t be a guide on how to build one; however, if you’ve thought about building a PBN for your websites, then make sure you’re giving this a good read.

Disclaimer: Just to get things straight from the…

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