Saturday , September 18 2021
Empathy and Persuasion as the Basis for Successful Link Outreach

Empathy and Persuasion as the Basis for Successful Link Outreach

Link outreach is about two things: empathy and persuasion.

If you remember this simple fact, your outreach will be better than probably 80% of the outreach emails I receive daily. As the manager of our blog at Page One Power, I see A LOT of bad outreach and link requests, and the reason for this is because people don’t consider these two fundamental principles of link outreach.

But just because others are doing a bad job doesn’t mean you should settle for being average — in this article I want to explain the mindset you need (and a few helpful tips) to send quality outreach and give yourself the best chance to earn links and build meaningful relationships across the web.

You’re Emailing Humans…and Asking for a Favor

First and foremost, when sending outreach, keep the notion that you’re emailing other human beings at the forefront of your mind. This simple fact is the reason empathy is such a big part of successful link…

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