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How Ahrefs Counts Links and Domains

Every backlink tool will store different links.

When building an index of the web, companies have to make many choices around crawling, parsing, and indexing data. While there’s going to be a lot of overlap between indexes, there’s also going to be some differences depending on each company’s decisions.

In the name of transparency, we want to let people know more about Ahrefs’ link index.

Links take users from one webpage to another when clicked. There are many ways to create them, with the most common method being the classic HTML element with an href attribute.

link text

However, it’s possible to create links with other elements, including:

  • Onclick
  • Button
  • Ng-click
  • Option/value
  • And more…

In an ideal world, anything that functions as a link would be stored. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. Neither Ahrefs nor Google stores all types of links because it’s not an efficient process to load each page and click…

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