Saturday , September 18 2021
Study: Who Has the Largest Link Index? (spoiler – Moz scored best)

Study: Who Has the Largest Link Index? (spoiler – Moz scored best)

An essential part of any strong SEO program is having third parties link to your site. In addition to the SEO benefits, getting linked to by third parties is also a great way to build your brand and stay highly visible across the web. For this reason, using backlinking tools is important.

Getting access to more link data is generally good, but which tool provider has the largest index? Today’s post will talk about the outcome of a study that addresses this topic.

Disclosure: My employer, Perficient, was contracted by Moz to perform this study. The terms of the agreement between Perficient and Moz clearly state that Perficient would conduct the study independently of Moz and write up the results based on what we saw in the data. In short, Moz influenced the decision to conduct such a study, but the conclusions in this post are 100% our own, with no influence by Moz.

Perficient selected 3,000 queries across the Technology, Health, and Finance market sectors (1,000 queries per sector). These queries were sourced without input from Moz. They were randomly drawn from the query set that Perficient has historically used in its annual Links as a Ranking Factor studies. We pulled the Google results for these queries and built a list of the domains ranking in the top 100.  Next, we deduped the list down to a set of 85,308 domains…

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