Saturday , September 18 2021
Why Add FAQs To Your Website? (because ““People Also Ask”)

Why Add FAQs To Your Website? (because ““People Also Ask”)

For a long time, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been used on websites to answer basic questions. As time has gone on, FAQs have evolved to target more to specific topics and services, especially with voice search becoming more prominent.

Over the past couple of years, voice search has become more common, and fewer searches are coming from desktop or phones. According to 99 firms, 20% of searches are voice searches, 31% of mobile users use voice search at least once a week, and 50% of all online searches will be voice-based in 2020. With voice search becoming more common, FAQs have seen an increase in value for business online to service these searches.

We’ve also seen the importance of the “People Also Ask” section on Google. Every search is accompanied by this section as well as Google Ads and Local 3-Pack. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to rank as the search results become more cluttered, so it’s…

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